Revolt Vs Conquest

Grepolis offers two kinds of worlds to play in; the are commonly referred to as revolt and conquest worlds respectively. More correctly, conquest worlds should be named siege worlds. The difference lies in the different ways of how players can conquer a city. This difference has an influence on both strategy and tactics in the game.

Index for Grepolis Articles on Revolt, Conquest, and Hyperborea

This page contains the list of available articles about Grepolis on Stutenzee's blog. It's divided into three sections: Conquest Worlds, Revolt Worlds, and Hyperborea. Each section shows the list of articles that are relevant to particular worlds. Please use the comment section on this page if you have a particular wish on what I should write about or if you have a question. 

What Heroes Do Best

This is a guide to what heroes do best and how to improve on even that. Obviously, you have to play in a Grepolis world that has Heroes to need this information; otherwise you can just ignore it. At the end of the hero listing I have added a shopping list for defense players, and one for offense players with short explanations why you should get them in that order.

With many thanks to Th3K1nd3 and Aldar0n who collected the data and posted it.

Use Troy to Defend Your City

Grepolis has started one of it's many bonus quests, this time called Troy. This is a little guide on how to make use of its features to help defend your city. Obviously, it can be used the same way to feed your attack powers. By using this feature to the max, you can improve your defense considerably.

You Have Been Revolted

The following is a step by step guide in case your city is being put into revolt. It will help you to do everything you can to keep your city by calling in help. It also explains why information is necessary for other players to know what they should send your way.

And the first order of the day is: Don't panic! You have 12 hours to get in help.