Grepo for Sim and Tycoon Players

I've noticed that many players are strangely silent in alliance forums and tend to be non-supportive of their fellow alliance members. Often, this isn't a case of ill will, but of not understanding the aim of the game. Players who play Sim products or Tycoon games best read this article to get their heads around what it is all about. Others may read it too, it won't hurt you.

Your City

Your city is very unimportant in this game. It is the place where you keep your fighting units, where they start out and return to when on a mission. It is the place where you recruit your fighting units. That's all your city is there for.

Your city shows points and there is a ranking according to those points (accessible on the left hand side of your screen under 'Ranking'). These points are as irrelevant as the ranking; the points of a city only give you (and your enemy) an idea if it is worthwhile taking or not.

All cities look the same; there is no personal touch you can give it at all. And you will loose it sooner or later to another player with more troops. Don't get attached to it and get a second city as soon as possible.


There are three resources in this game: wood, stone, and silver. They are there to spend, not to hoard. They are needed to build buildings, pay for research, pay for spies, and recruit fighting units. Resources have no other purpose. The buildings you build should help recruiting more fighting units faster, the research should allow you to recruit different kinds of fighting units and stronger ones, and the spies are there to make sure you are not wasting your fighting units on mission impossible.

Resources are irrelevant to your ranking or your points, don't hoard them, use them.

Fighting Units

There are three different types of fighting units: Land units (that move on land), sea units (that move over water), and mythical units (god specific units some of which can fly). These fighting units are the money in this game. With them you can earn Battle Points (BP); these BP can be converted into Culture Points; Culture Points allow you to build more cities. With more cities you are able to field more fighting units.

The relevant rankings are the ones for Attackers, Defenders, and Fighters. They show how proficient a player is in the game and how many cities he could hold if he chose to hold the maximum his culture points would allow him.

In Short

1) Your city points are only there to tell your enemy if it is worth conquering.

2) The fighting units are the money in this game.
3) Battles are the stock exchange where you try to loose as little of your fighting units while killing as many as possible of your enemies'.
4) The relevant rankings are the ones to do with fighting, not the ones showing city points.

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