Grepolis Halloween 2014

Please find the collection of all known spells below.

How to get the ingredients for the brews: Be active; you get them for doing everyday stuff like building,recruiting, attacking, and defending as well as casting spells.

How to get the ingredients into the brew: Click on the cauldron to access the laboratory; click on the ingredients you want to use, they'll appear on the table (it doesn't matter in which order you put them there); when your concoction is ready, hit the Brew button and hey presto you got a spell. You have to use or store that spell before moving onto to the next one.

I have organised the spell lexicon by what you get for your ingredients; ingredients are listed in the order Grepolis uses in the game.

Please note: The more rare the ingredient, the more worth the spell you get out of a brew (e.g. reinforcements get more hours running time).