Best Sea Units

This is an overview of all sea units you can get in Grepolis comparing their power in attack and defense. The attack and defense power is shown as per population (i.e. if a light ship uses 10 population, its attack power has been divided by 10).

You don't need all sea units to function and some are totally useless and should be avoided.

Grepolis Academy

Reflecting the latest changes made by Grepolis as of December 2014.

The Grepolis Academy is where you do the research to improve your fighting abilities from a specific city. Each of your cities will come with its own academy, and each city will have to do its own research; transfer of knowledge isn't a Grepolis concept.

While it may be annoying to have to do your research over and over again, on the other hand it will allow you to gear a city to its purpose and vary the individual build up to comply with a defensive or offensive strategy planned for the city.

The following article starts out with a picture of the academy; the 'must have' researches are colored green; the totally useless ones are colored red. What remains are the ones that can be of value but not necessarily under all circumstances.

Mushroom Cities

When your alliance is hard pressed, then it is time to apply the Mushroom principle. Every alliance, no matter how large it is, has a backyard in what they consider their ocean or area of influence. That backyard is full of little ghost cities and empty landing points. Go for them. Their backyard suddenly isn't theirs anymore.

Mushroom cities are best applied by an alliance or even several allied alliances together to create some general confusion. But even a single player with many open slots can pull it off.

This article is about how to get, start, run and even not necessarily keep mushroom cities. Because your lost little city means the other alliance lost a slot on a minnow. It all works for you either way.