Grepolis Academy

Reflecting the latest changes made by Grepolis as of December 2014.

The Grepolis Academy is where you do the research to improve your fighting abilities from a specific city. Each of your cities will come with its own academy, and each city will have to do its own research; transfer of knowledge isn't a Grepolis concept.

While it may be annoying to have to do your research over and over again, on the other hand it will allow you to gear a city to its purpose and vary the individual build up to comply with a defensive or offensive strategy planned for the city.

The following article starts out with a picture of the academy; the 'must have' researches are colored green; the totally useless ones are colored red. What remains are the ones that can be of value but not necessarily under all circumstances.

Following Grepolis logic, I will give short explanations to each of the researches in the order starting with the top left icon of the slinger followed by the one beneath it with the archer; I'll follow this up column by column ending with the bottom right icon with the revolt whisperers.


You need slingers on all islands with farming villages to conquer the first four and the seventh cheaply. Slingers are optional for rocky islands without farm villages; you only need them if you want to use them in attacks. In defense, slingers are totally useless and should be evacuated if your city comes under attack.


You need archers for your defense. They are useless for attacks, though.


Your cheapest defense. Militia is activated in your city screen and is free of charge (they don't need recruiting and they don't take away population; in reverse, they also don't generate population when they are killed). They also deny battle points to the enemy.


You need hoplites to conquer the fifth farming village cheaply. They are useful in attack and you can do worse in defense. In your first city and for players who like to sit the fence between offensive and defensive playing, hoplites are a cheap option.


This increases the amount of resources you can collect from the farming villages on an island by 15%. If you are an avid gatherer, this might make sense once the villages have been fattened up a bit.


Pointless in almost all cases, as it only speeds up land attacks. Having said that, it works on your flying harpy, pegasus, and manticore nukes, too.


Makes your spies go 10 % faster. If you have the research points lying about after you've researched everything you need, you might just indulge yourself; not really useful.


Optional and only useful on islands with farming villages. It allow you to use different time frames to looting them including an 8 hour timer that is ideal before going off to work.


Must have. Boosts your warehouse's content holding capability by 2,500.


You need horsemen to conquer the 6th and the 8th farming villages cheaply. Excellent looters and a good attacking force. In defense they are really quite good when slingers or or horsemen are thrown at your city but useless against hoplites and chariots.


Optional. If you are constantly short on resources, this is a way to help your city along. Will use up a culture point for removal, though, once you've built everything you need.


Optional. Makes recruiting land units and mythological units (without hydra) a little bit faster.


The best sea defense you can get. Useless in attacks.


Optional. If you want to hurry your city along, this helps speeding things up a little bit. Takes a away one of your culture points to remove, though, once you've built everything you need.


Optional. Makes recruiting sea units and hydra a little bit faster.


Optional. Useful in your first city to double up as offense and defense; much better than hoplites, but also take more time to recruit and are quite dear. Useful if you continue to sit the fence between playing an offensive and defensive game.

Light Ships

Must have. You can't really launch an attack to another island without them. If you send out transport ships in an attack with no LS in attendance, a single bireme will sink your whole fleet and whole army without taking as much as a scratch.


Optional. Reduces the cost for land units and mythological units (without hydra).

Fire Ships

Optional. Fire ships are useless against transport ships and Colony Ships but sink everything else on a one to one basis. They are extremely slow movers. I don't normally use them, but they serve a purpose if you want to aggravate an enemy with LS nukes or even better for you, one with hydras. Can't be used in attack at all. Can also be used as trips in off island cities as they are the last thing to go.


Optional. Take down the walls of enemy cities. Have to be attended by attacking land units or they just crumble to dust. I personally don't use them a lot as I like high walls and prefer to spend a few more units in my attacks. If the conquered city is in a contested area, I then have the advantage of moving my support behind walls, too.


Totally useless and a waste of your research points. Fill your cave instead.

Colony Ship

You need a colony ship to get your second city.

Fast Transport

Allows you to send out land units faster; the fast transport ships are faster than LS and therefore don't slow them down.


Must have. Gives you 200 more population in the city.


Must have. Slow transport ships transport 26 instead of 20 (population equivalent) land units, fast transport ships 16 instead of 10.


Another unit for people sitting the fence between offence and defense. Use a lot of population to build but can be the answer when taking a city where you expect immediate attacks.


Must have. Boosts the fighting ability of your land and mythical units (excluding hydra).


Totally useless. Even when in the last stages of the game where you might have to get through thousands of biremes, it's debatable if it helps in any way.


Optional. Reduces the cost of sea units and hydra.

Battering Ram

Must have. Boosts the fighting ability of your sea units and hydra.


Optional. Makes your sea units and hydra move a bit faster.


You need conquest to revolt and ultimately conquer a city.

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