Mushroom Cities

When your alliance is hard pressed, then it is time to apply the Mushroom principle. Every alliance, no matter how large it is, has a backyard in what they consider their ocean or area of influence. That backyard is full of little ghost cities and empty landing points. Go for them. Their backyard suddenly isn't theirs anymore.

Mushroom cities are best applied by an alliance or even several allied alliances together to create some general confusion. But even a single player with many open slots can pull it off.

This article is about how to get, start, run and even not necessarily keep mushroom cities. Because your lost little city means the other alliance lost a slot on a minnow. It all works for you either way.

What do Mushroom cities do?

Mushroom cities invade the private space of an alliance. They can ignore it and find full grown cities in their backyard; they can farm them handing battle points to your militia; or they can take them while losing slots without gaining battle points. For you, it's a win-win-win situation.

How to run the Baby Mushroom

Starting out the baby should be ruled by the principle of not handing any battle points ever to the enemy. The priority lies in building infrastructure, not units, though you need some of those to open some farming villages to get in additional resources.

Building priority lies in walls (as high as the enemy lets you get them;having said that, this is a recurring priority), in farms up to level 25 (to make the most of your militia), in the academy up to level 8 (for militia, booty, ceramic and enough points for the cheap units). Under the second priority heading falls building up the cave, warehouse, and resources. You'll have to build a bit as resources allow you, so be inventive.

You'll need a few units to get some farming villages open. In an ideal world, you'll have a big neighbor from your own or a friendly alliance on the same island. Whenever you use up resources to build troops, send them there immediately. Always leave your city empty of troops when logging off (and don't have any unit building going on while you can't get them out in case of an attack). The idea is to deny the enemy any battle points at all.

Maturing the Mushroom

If and once the enemy starts to ignore you, you can build up walls and tower and produce troops galore. When satisfied, recall your troops from hiding and start building the rest of your city to a fully functional one. From that stage onward, you treat it like any other of your cities.

If you have a friendly large city on the island, send all your units there. Never leave units in the city while you're offline; don't produce units while you're offline that might become a target for the enemy before you log on again to hide them away. If you don't have a large friendly city on the island, build transports and export whatever you build to the nearest large friendly city. Always build the ships first and the troops to fill them after to make sure there is nothing left in the city when you log off.

Defending or Not Defending your Mushroom

During the baby phase of your Mushroom, you should not defend it with anything else than with militia. There should also be no trips on land, but birs or fire ships will do as the enemy is bound to attack you from the same island. The idea is to really deny the enemy any kind of battle points. You might even have to send ships home if he launches a sea attack to get those few points from you.

Your baby Mushroom will probably be revolted time and again. (I once had a Mushroom that never came out of revolt for two weeks running, which tells you all about how reluctant the enemy is to lose the slot for a small city.) When revolted, ignore it and continue as before; don't post it in the forum or someone might send support and spoil the plan.

If the enemy takes the city, then that is fine. Just send your next CS to the next landing point and restart. It will drive the enemy crazy. You will have to decide when the Mushroom becomes worth defending. Without high walls, a tower, and a sizable home grown force, I wouldn't bother and stick to the no battle points policy.

What does it do to the enemy?

Variant 1: The enemy might farm the city. As resource production is low, don't worry too much about those; they are of no import to a large city. He is looking for battle points, and running into your militia from time to time brings you battle points, but none to him. Eventually he'll stop helping you grow in that way.

Variant 2: The enemy ignores you. He'll find a fully functional city in his backyard sooner or later.

Variant 3: The enemy goes for your city and takes it from you. As you have not given away any battle points, that just will slow his growth. And all you have to do is send the next CS to the same or next island and start again.

If the enemy goes for variant 3, he'll only do it once when he sees you have built mainly walls (which he knocked down) and nothing much else. Some alliances 'give' such small cities to their small players to take. Done often enough, it becomes a pattern of 'big players always get big cities, us small players get handed crap'. It destabilizes the enemy alliance and leads to a leadership crisis. If big players have to take small cities too often, on the other hand, their growth starts to stall letting other players catch up leader to a leadership contest.

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