You Have Been Revolted

The following is a step by step guide in case your city is being put into revolt. It will help you to do everything you can to keep your city by calling in help. It also explains why information is necessary for other players to know what they should send your way.

And the first order of the day is: Don't panic! You have 12 hours to get in help.

Getting the BBCode

BBCodes are there to make life easier for Grepolis players. They provide a shortcut to players' profiles, cities' information windows, and alliances' profiles. With a simple click, a Grepolis player can access these things when the writer of a message or a post in the forum uses BBCode. How do I get BBCode? And what else can I do with it besides that?

With many thanks to Australianmonkey90 who collected the data and wrote the post.

Beginners' Start Guide

This is a beginner's guide for players who start out in the world of Grepolis. It gives you the first ideas of what you can and should do and how to do it. It will help you getting your first steps behind you easily and helps you understand what the adviser quests are trying to teach you. You get seven days beginners protection to get your head around it.

With many thanks to MothersShroom who collected the data and wrote the post.

Farming Villages

Grepolis has islands with farming villages as well as those without. When Grepolis places your first city, you will always land on one with farming villages because they help you gain resources and in consequence grow much faster than you would without. This is a little guide on what farming villages do for you, how you get them, control them, and some special tricks you might want to know about when dealing with them.

Building the First City

Building your first city in a Grepolis world is easy, difficult, straightforward and complicated all at the same time. The following post therefore contains just a few 'must have' items that you really should go for and a lot of 'would be nice' items to mull over. There is no set strategy. The only thing that is certain is that the city will be a defensive-offensive hybrid to get you going. And what is said for the first city doesn't necessarily apply to the second.