Beginners' Start Guide

This is a beginner's guide for players who start out in the world of Grepolis. It gives you the first ideas of what you can and should do and how to do it. It will help you getting your first steps behind you easily and helps you understand what the adviser quests are trying to teach you. You get seven days beginners protection to get your head around it.

With many thanks to MothersShroom who collected the data and wrote the post.

Build your city

It is important to make sure that your city is safe before doing anything else. Make sure you have at least 200 Swordsmen/Archers/Slingers/Hoplites combined. Try to build your wall to at least level 20 and add a tower. If you have all these things your city has become defensive against those that attack new players particularly. it is also advisory to work on your warehouse and harbor.


Never ever send an attack with Swordsmen and/or Archers. Always attack with Attacking Land Units (ALU) / Offensive Land Units (OLU) [both are used to mean the same thing]. These include Slingers, Hoplites and Horsemen. If you are attacking a city on another island, you need Transport Ships. You must accompany them with Light Ships or loose all.

N.B. When you're attacking another city always attack with ALU/OLU and light Ships (LS), if your attack is with a colony ship (CS) or a LS nuke try protecting the attack with a spell (any positive spell will do; it stops the enemy from casting one of his spells).


When supporting allied cities always send Defensive Land Units (DLU). These include Swordsmen, Archers and Biremes for sea support. When sending support, the more you send the better chances that person has of survival.  Remember to leave at least 100 swordsmen and 100 archers at home to defend your own city.

Culture Points and City Slots

Culture points (cp) are needed to open up city slots. Slots enable you to get more cities. The overview about cp and slots at your disposition can be found in the Agora. (You can find any building in the city overview by hovering your mouse over them.) The blue bar at the bottom of the Agora shows how many culture points you have and how many you need to gain the next city slot. The amount of city slots you have are displayed in the bottom right hand corner of this page for example if is say 1/4 this would mean you currently own one city out of a possible four and therefore are able to colonize or conquer a further three cities.

There are four main ways to collect culture points:

  1. Doing battles with others. This will give you Battle Points (BP) that you can then trade for victory parades found in the Agora menu inside of your city. This is the main way to accumulate culture points. You can also acquire BP by being attacked or supporting other cities in defense. If they are attacked and your support is assisting you will receive BP, too.
  2. Performing Theater Plays. This requires a theater and an academy at level 30 together in the same city. The theater play has to be paid for in resources and will last for a long time. I don't recommend this, as the theater takes up the building space you need for the tower.
  3. Organizing Olympic Games. This requires gold and an academy at level 30 and lasts for even longer than the theater play.
  4. Organizing City Festivals. This requires resources and an academy at level 30 and lasts for several hours. (As to 2 and 3; long is not a positive description.)

Getting More Cities

There are two methods on how to gain a new city. You can either found one by colonization or you can conquer a city.

The easiest and safest way to gain another city is to colonize. This requires a colony ship and some defensive units to defend both your ship and your new city until the city can defend itself. Once your ships and troops are ready, choose a free anchor point on an island and select colonize (at the start of a world, these anchor points are only available on islands without farming villages; I recommend not build one of your first cities on a rocky island), once your ship has landed, you will have to wait 24 hours for colonization to be complete. The new city has adequate buildings and shows 940 points, much better than your first city, but no race winner.

N.B. If two players choose the same anchor point, the one who sends his CS first will get it. The one that comes after gets a screen message on a red bar telling him that this anchor point has already been taken and that he can't send his CS there.

Conquest of a city
This can seem a little complicated but it really isn't. Remember, you must have a Colony Ship (CS) and conquest researched in the Academy plus a free city slot (check in the Agora). It is advisable to have your colony ship built and ready to go when you start out on your adventure.

  • First, choose which city you wish to conquer, judge whether it is possible for you or not - is the current owner in an alliance etc.
  • Send a spy to see what there is in units defending the city. After the espionage is done and you know how many troops/ships it has, you need to empty it by sending a variety of attacks until the city is clear.
  • The last attack you send needs to be a revolt attack - in the window from which you send an attack, be sure to click the blue revolt icon at the foot of the box that looks like a face. I recommend that you send every attack as a revolt attack to make sure you don't forget.
  • When a revolt attack is able to kill all land units, a revolt starts stirring in the attacked city (this is when rumors are being spread throughout the city about the current owner not being good enough to control the city) this will last for 12 hours. You will see the blue revolt icon when you go to the arrow icon at the top of your screen to the left. It will tell you how long you have to wait for red revolt to start and by hovering with your mouse, what time that is.
  • Once the 12 hours period of the blue revolt has ended, the city will enter into red revolt that will last for a further 12 hours. It is during this 12 hour window when you need your colony ship (CS) to land. The CS has to be accompanied with supporting troops and Light Ships to land. Again, all land units in the city must be killed for the conquest to be successful.
  • CS is the slowest of all ships and therefore can take a long time to travel to its destination. Make sure you send it in plenty of time even if you have to send it earlier than the red revolt has started or blue revolt has even been stirred up.
  • Send a few attacks while your colony ship is travelling in case the city you want to conquer has recruited new troops or ships. You have to try and keep the city clear of units.
  • Timing your attacks is very important and crucial for a successful conquest. Make sure you have worked their timing out properly; try and get you colony ship to land at the beginning of the red revolt so avoid anyone else stealing it from you; land clearing attacks as closely as you can before the CS landing time.
  • Once your CS has landed and at least 1 of your land units has survived any leftover enemy units in the city, it is yours.

N.B. The colony ship needs to land after red revolt has started and not while revolt is stirring.

Forum Activity

Monitoring forum activity is very important; it is your link to how and what the other members of your alliance are doing during the game; it also enables you to see if someone is being attacked. If you yourself are being attacked then you can alert other members of the alliance to aid you in assistance by posting it in the forum.

Publishing Reports

If under attack, or you wish to show your own attacks to other members in you alliance then you can post your own reports or you can send them by personal message. Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to your report inbox
  2. select the report you want to post
  3. click "publication" in the lower right hand corner
  4. click publish
  5. open the correct forum tab or message
  6. click on the icon looking like a scroll just over your message or post writing box
  7. paste the report into the box (Ctrl+V)
  8. click send

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