Building the First City

Building your first city in a Grepolis world is easy, difficult, straightforward and complicated all at the same time. The following post therefore contains just a few 'must have' items that you really should go for and a lot of 'would be nice' items to mull over. There is no set strategy. The only thing that is certain is that the city will be a defensive-offensive hybrid to get you going. And what is said for the first city doesn't necessarily apply to the second.

When starting the city, Grepolis offers you advisers to help you along in your first baby steps in building that city. That is an offer you should accept. The advisers will help you build the city efficiently and teach you the use of all kinds of menus, short-cuts and icons. Following their advice also brings in resources to speed up the building process (a luxury you'll miss out on for later cities).

Your first city starts out with a 7 days beginner's protection. This guarantees that you can't be attacked or spied on while you are a Grepolis toddler (it allows you to attack at will, though). These 7 days should be used to get certain things in place for the day you become part of the food chain.

The Must-Haves when Coming Out of Beginner's Protection

For defense, you must have the walls at level 15 at the least. Any lower, and your neighbors will just walk all over you. More would be even better, but mostly you will struggle to get it that far in the time allotted to you.

In the academy, you must have researched at least militia (allows you to call in 50% more 'troops on time' in case of an attack than you would be able to call in without it) and archers. Swordsmen and archers build the backbone of your defense. With enough population (build farms for that) and divine favor, you can also put in Divine Envoys to help defend your city. You should have at least a couple hundreds of population in defense troops (Swordsmen and Archers use 1 each, Divine Envoys use 3). Defensive troops are inefficient for attacks and a pure waste if you use them that way, though Divine Envoys can help out in offense if you run out of other options.

Getting in Resources

Building your city and recruiting units (troops on land, ships, mythical units) costs resources; your aim has to be to get those in sufficient amounts to do so. There are 4 ways to get resources into your city:

  1. You use the advisers and receive resources for completing quests.
  2. You build up Timber Camp, Quarry, and Silver Mine in your city. They guarantee a regular income even while you're not online.
  3. Farming villages on the islands can be squeezed for resources. Farming villages must be conquered first before you can get resources, though.
  4. Other cities can be looted, too. Horses can carry a lot of loot and are good attacking troops. Harpies can fly and can be used for looting on other islands without having built a harbor.
Offensive Units

To conquer farming villages, loot other cities, and to get your next city you need offensive units, too. The cheapest ones are Slingers, but they are not worth a lot in defense. But even after getting your villages, you should always keep at least a few of them to use in certain island quests. Horses are a bit better in defense, but extremely weak against sharp weapons (from Hoplites and Chariots). Hoplites and Chariots on the other hand have a decent defense and are useful offensive units.

In your harbor you should build some Biremes for defense, but you'll also need Light Ships for attack (35 Light Ships are usually enough to get through 50 biremes). And then you have to remember to build a Colony Ship which takes up 170 population, keep those in reserve or you'll have a problem.

Building Levels

Building levels you want to reach eventually are not set in stone. This is what I usually aim for if I am not building towards some specific city purpose.

I build up the Senate to level 24 as fast as I can to save building time. When I have built everything, I demolish it down to 20. I stop harbor and barracks at level 20, temple at the level where I still want to build mythical units (e.g. I want to build Cerberus in a Hades city, but not Erynies). I max out everything else.

The Cave

I personally have my cave up at max as soon as I can afford it and then fill it. Filling means reaching 200k silver as a minimal standard, 500k for working purposes and 1 million before WW start. But that has to do with my personal paranoia.

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