Use Troy to Defend Your City

Grepolis has started one of it's many bonus quests, this time called Troy. This is a little guide on how to make use of its features to help defend your city. Obviously, it can be used the same way to feed your attack powers. By using this feature to the max, you can improve your defense considerably.

Troy Basics

Troy can be found on the low left corner side of your screen; the icon is a shield with two crossed spears in bronze and gold. Click on the icon to enter Troy.

On entering, you will find yourself in a map with showing lock icons and crossed spears icons connected by arrows indicating the direction you can march your troops.

The locks will open as you battle your way to them; by hovering over a lock, you can see what reward they will offer; do that before deciding on which way you are going.

The crossed spears icon with a colorless star underneath is one that you haven't conquered yet; hovering will also tell you what you will find inside. Once you have conquered it, the icon becomes a sack of loot. After a certain amount of time, the icon of crossed spears with a gold star underneath tells you that you can attack it again to reap the same award as before. The defense will be larger than before, but when you are in need of fast defense troop spells, it is a cheap option to get them in.

You can conquer any of the crossed spears signs on your map at any time without messing up the direction you are going.

Troy Troops

Troy Troops are practical, they are immortal and are always healed when the timer runs to zero, no matter when they were wounded; they can lie about for hours or for seconds, the healer has a quick fix.

The enemy troops are the opposite of yours; they never get wounded and are always killed.

This leads to the situation that you always should use up all your troops in attacks before the healer clock runs out; all your troops will be back after that, the enemy numbers will stay at the level they had after your last attack.

There is also hero Achilles; he's brave, stupid, and a hypochondriac. He always get's wounded even if you attack a single unit with 1.000 troops and he takes longer to heal than your troops. Think ahead before using him in the next small battle to have him in the second bigger one instead.

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